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Adelaide’s premier supplier of specialised brew making ingredients 

Brewmaker Home Brewing began as an idea in the mid 1980’s.

Brewmaker’s owner; Bill McBride, had been a keen home brewer for some years and often had difficulty sourcing specialised ingredients locally.   The home brew supply stores and supermarkets at the time offered limited stock.   For home beer makers, the choices were slim.

After years of thinking about it, and becoming increasingly convinced that there was a sufficient demand in South Australia, Bill launched Brewmaker in 1992.    The business enjoyed success almost from the start and became well known for carrying a range of stock which had not previously been seen in South Australia.    It wasn’t long before Bill needed to employ an assistant to help keep up with demand.  


Wholesaling to Partner Brewing Companies

The popularity of home brewing grew rapidly during the 1990’s resulting in an expansion of the industry with many Home Brew Stores opening up across Australia, including Adelaide.    This presented another opportunity for Brewmaker.    A wholesale division was set up which became a supplier to some of these new stores.    In 1997 a new retail store and distribution centre was established at Holden Hill to service the increased business.  


Into the future

After over 20 years in operation Bill is still very much hands-on with the day to day running of the business, with other members of his family now also having an active role.    They look forward to continue serving their loyal customer base for many tears into the future.  

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